genuine Russian sturgeon caviar
Black Caviar
The expert in reproduction of sturgeon fish species and processing of black caviar. We realize complete cycle enterprise - from roe to caviar.

It all starts with selected caviar, which ripens and becomes fry. The fry are reared in conditions that do not differ from natural ones. We pay special attention to the quality of water, which must be flowing and saturated with oxygen in order to create natural conditions for the habitation of fry and adults of sturgeon fish.

Sprat is the main food source for our fish. The reason is that it's their comfort food which sturgeons eat in the wild. An adequate feeding of fish is necessary for their health. It's not a secret that healthy fish produce the most delicious and healthy black caviar.

Special attention is paid to selected females. We are constantly monitoring their condition. There are created all necessary conditions to obtain caviar of very high quality.
Benefits of working with us
We are producers of black caviar. We have up-to date equipment and our staff is highly qualified. All these things allow us to offer you black caviar at very competitive prices
We know all about how to get high quality caviar. We subject our products to all veterinary-sanitary examinations that are necessary. Because we want to get a safe food
We will deliver the caviar the next day. In order to preserve the taste and quality of our products the caviar is delivered in a secure thermobox, which maintain a temperature of +2 to -4 ℃.
Sturgeon Estate LLC
Production of black caviar, as well as an exclusive limited edition of golden caviar produced from the eggs of a very rare female albino sturgeon.
Delivery of fish-planting material (Russian and Siberian sturgeon, beluga, Kaluga, thorn, Volga sterlet and its hybrids), live sturgeon and fish products from processed sturgeon on the territory of the Russian Federation and abroad.
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